WBA Nominations & Elections


The Washington Bar Association’s Nominations and Elections Committee is charged with the preparation of a slate of candidates to be voted on at the Association’s Annual Meeting in June 2012.  The Committee is comprised of WBA Past Presidents Keith Watters, Felicia Chambers, and Wendell Webster. Past President Webster will serve as Committee Chair. If you are interested in running to serve as an officer or member of the Board of Directors, please contact Committee Chair, Wendell Webster at (202) 659-8510.

In addition to the slate of candidates proposed by the Committee, any WBA Regular Member in good standing may be nominated for any elective office in the Association by filing a Petition of Nomination with the Association’s Secretary.  All petitions of Nomination must be filed with the Secretary, Natalie S. Walker (NWalker@WFCPLaw.com), not later than April 20, 2012.  Each petition must contain the signatures of fifteen Regular Members in good standing.


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